Sheep and cattle

Our sheep and cattle are entirely pasture fed, they are never fed grain. They graze our coastal farm Ffrwdwenith Isaf, Cardigan where the mild climate allows them to graze the herb rich coastal grasses most of the year.

Our flock of Poll Dorset ewes graze alongside the poultry in the summer at Nantclyd, lamb in the autumn and spend the winter grazing Ffrwdwenith isaf to produce pasture fed lamb and mutton all year round. Contact us to place an order

Our Hereford cattle spend their lives at Ffrwdwenith Isaf mob grazing the fields, building up fertility which allows us to grow our arable and vegetable crops.

We sell beef meat boxes direct from the farm please contact us to place an order


Laying Hens

Hens spend their days out on pasture

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