Laying Hens

Hens spend their days out on pasture

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Sheep and Cattle

A flock Poll Dorset ewes graze alongside the poultry in the Summer...

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Aerobic Composting


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Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic agriculture is based on the Steiner lectures...

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Nantclyd Farm

Nantclyd is a small family farm above the Ystwyth valley close to Aberystwyth in west Wales and has been organically certified since 1989.

We have small fields all surrounded by large hedgerows and trees, all supporting a great deal of insect, bird and wildlife, also providing shelter for growing crops and our poultry, sheep and cattle. The farm was awarded the Loraine Award for conservation in 2002. We care for the soil and all that lives in and grows on it, to produce nutritious food as nature intended.

2002.png  2004.pngso-recommended.jpgtruetaste.jpgOFA13-winner.jpgOFA13-gold.jpg

The Health of the Soil, Planet, Animal and Man are one and indivisible.

Fertility of the Soil is the Future of Civilization

Sir Albert Howard 1873 – 1947 English botanist and organic farming pioneer

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