The hens are kept in small flocks of 200 birds in mobile sheds and have freedom to roam pasture and hedges from dawn to dusk all year round. We mill and mix our own feed from oats, peas and wheat most of which is grown on the farm or another organic farm in Wales.

We let our hens moult at the end of the pullet lay and keep them for a second year. We then sell them on locally so they have a happy, long and productive life. We often have either pullets or our older hens for sale so please contact us if you are looking to keep some hens of your own.

Day old chicks start life in the brooder shed where they are safe and warm. They have access out into the field at around 6 weeks old and we move them to the laying sheds at 16 weeks.



Day old chicks start life under the brooder with us in the Spring and once well-feathered at around 6 – 8 weeks...

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